Danille Turissini for State Senate

I’m Running to Represent You

I’m running to give you a choice!

danille-photoDear Friends,

Having worked in and around Olympia for over a decade, I understand how things work, and how they don’t. The best solutions are not found in political silos. Lawmakers must break out of their echo chambers of group think if they expect to make progress. I have a proven track record of building bridges, not barriers, with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Partisan politics doesn’t work in the real world. Even the best of intentions can become lopsided if it’s based one set of ideals pitted against another. are in the best interest of your constituents,

I can’t be bought. My district isn’t for sale either. I’m not asking the 24th district voters to send me to Olympia to appease my party bosses or special interest. I will only vote for policies that represent our values and that are in the best interest of my district.

I care more about the issues and the people whose lives will impacted by my policy decision, than I am about political posturing. In fact, I couldn’t care less about gaining power. I’m not running because I need or want power. Rather, I’m running to empower others.

I would seek a comprehensive approach to general policy making that’s mindful of ALL the citizens of Washington. This is the best approach because one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work the same in an urban, verses rural area.

Thank you for your consideration to vote for me on November 8. I hope to have the opportunity to serve you.



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